A/C Repair

In the heat of the summer in Sikeston, MO, you know how important it is to keep cool in the car. Between the sticky seats and sweltering heat, not to mention the wave of hot air that hits you when you open the door of your parked car… if your car can’t keep cool and comfortable on the road, you’re in for many unpleasant miles.

Don’t settle for sweaty drives! Instead, have your vehicle’s Air Conditioning inspected by our certified technicians.

Signs that your vehicle needs an A/C Repair include:

  • A/C is not cold
  • Air does not flow from vents
  • Level of air flow cannot adjust
  • Noises, clicking, or popping

Don’t put off these repairs – your vehicle’s heating and cooling system keep your car running in the best conditions and keep you comfortable regardless of the weather! If you notice an issue with the A/C in your car, visit our auto repair shop in Sikeston as soon as possible. Catching and fixing small issues early can prevent them from snowballing into bigger problems with expensive repairs.

When the Air Conditioning has to work harder to keep your car cool, it can cause more damage. All components need to work together, from the refrigerant to the air compressor to the belt to the fans… instead of replacing the full unit, bring it into Wood’s Auto Service for maintenance.

First, our experienced technicians will thoroughly inspect your vehicle’s air conditioning to determine the issue preventing it from cooling your car. We’ll take the time to review the results with you, explain any options from a/c refrigerant recharge to a/c repair or maintenance, and help you make the best decision for your vehicle and your family.

Don’t get stuck in the heat this summer! Come to Wood’s Auto Service for an A/C inspection, maintenance, or repair. Our certified technicians can perform the air conditioning repair or maintenance your vehicle needs, from refrigerant flushes to leak repairs and air conditioning installation, all backed by our 24-month / 24,000 mile warranty on most repairs.

Schedule your Vehicle’s A/C inspection or service today by calling our shop at 573-471-0076.


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