Steering / Alignment

With changing seasons, road construction, and well-driven roads, potholes are an inevitable truth on the roads in Sikeston. But bumpy car rides and frequent tire replacements shouldn’t be!

That’s why the technicians at Wood’s Auto Service want to keep your vehicles tires, wheels, and steering in the best condition for a long life on the Missouri roads. A periodic alignment check can help get the longest life for your tires and prevent damage to the steering and suspension.

Some signs you may need an alignment include:

  • Vehicle drifts to one side while driving
  • It’s difficult to keep your vehicle travelling in a straight line
  • Uneven wear on your tires
  • Squealing tires
  • Trouble steering

Even under good driving conditions, your vehicle benefits from periodic alignment checks. If your tires are not perfectly aligned, it can lead to bigger problems with your vehicle including premature tire wear, suspension damage, and trouble steering.

When your tires are in alignment, they hit the road at precisely the same direction, angle, and level. Combined with proper tire inflation and tire pressure, this will get you the best possible mileage to save you money at the gas pump! This also prevents uneven tire wear that will lead to replacing your tires earlier than desired.

If you’ve recently hit a curb or a pothole or noticed any of the warning signs above, bring your vehicle into Wood’s Auto Service for an alignment inspection. With years of experience and precise measurement tools, we can assess the position of each tire and bring them into alignment with each other.

We’ll also check your steering and suspension for wear or damage that can be attributed with alignment problems. And every time your vehicle is in our shop, we offer a complementary inspection of the key systems in your vehicle to keep you safe on the roads in Sikeston.

To schedule your next appointment, alignment inspection, or 4-wheel alignment service, call Wood’s Auto Service at 573-471-0076.