The certified technicians at Wood’s Auto Service want to keep you safely driving on the roads. Not only does your vehicle need to run, it needs to stop safely. Brakes are a critical system for your safety on the roads, whether on slick winter roads or reacting to everyday traffic.

But when it takes a little longer than it should to stop your vehicle, your vehicle may be putting you and your family at risk.

Signs of brake failure include:

  • Failure to stop quickly
  • Squeaking when brakes are applied
  • Change in pressure (pedal is hard to press or falls to floor)
  • Vibrating in the steering wheel

If you notice any of the above changes in your vehicle or have trouble braking in traffic, call our technicians at 573-471-0076 right away to schedule a brake inspection.

A brake inspection can give you peace of mind knowing your vehicle will be able to stop when it matters most.

Like the other systems in your vehicle, brakes are subject to normal wear and tear. Because of the high heat, pressure, and friction created every time you apply your brakes, the brake system can wear faster than other components.

If your brakes are worn, our technicians will recommend the best service, repair, or replacement parts to get you back on the road safely. We’ll start with a thorough inspection of the components in your vehicle’s brake system to let you know the exact condition of your brakes.

Stay safe on the roads in Sikeston! To schedule your brake service or inspection, call Wood’s Auto Service at 573-471-0076.


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