Engine Repair

The “Check Engine” light can signal a variety of problems with your vehicle, including engine damage or due services. When this appears on your dashboard, don’t ignore it!

Catching problems in the engine early is the best way to avoid extensive damage and costly engine repairs. The Check Engine warning light indicates potential problems early so you can be aware of the concern and have it addressed as soon as possible.

If your Check Engine light is flashing, pull over and stop the vehicle right away! A flashing warning light can signal a serious problem putting you and your vehicle at risk. Call a towing company and have your vehicle towed to a reliable auto repair shop, like Wood’s Auto Service, for an inspection.

When your vehicle needs an engine service, you want reliable repair by experienced professionals. Which is why you carefully select the best auto repair shop for the job.

The trained and experienced technicians at Wood’s Auto Service have over 50 years of combined experience in auto repair, including engine service, engine rebuild, and engine repair. Every time your vehicle is in our shop in Sikeston, we perform a complementary vehicle inspection – you are trusting us to take care of your vehicle, and the only way we can do that is with a complete inspection. Our technicians will take the time to review the results with you and let you know about any maintenance or services needed to keep you safe on the roads. We’ll even help you prioritize these repairs so you can make the best decision for your family and your vehicle.

Preventative maintenance is the best way you can avoid major engine repair. By keeping up with oil changes, fluid flushes, small repairs and regular inspections, you can keep your vehicle running in optimal condition and avoid extensive damage and expensive repairs.

When you notice changes in your vehicle, like new smells, noises, or drivability and performance changes, call our certified technicians: 573-471-0076.

We can help you identify whether this is a normal change or a warning sign for a potential issue. We’ll also help you keep track of your manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule so you can keep up with the preventative services to keep your vehicle working at its best!

To schedule your next appointment, call our auto repair shop in Sikeston at 573-471-0076.